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The 4th BioPhotonics Conference

The 2nd BioPhotonics Conference in Taipei, Taiwan, September 15-18, 2019. [ read ]

The 3rd BioPhotonics Conference

The 3rd BioPhotonics Conference, Florence, Italy, 20-22 May 2014 [ read ]

The 2nd BioPhotonics Conference

The 2nd BioPhotonics Conference in Taipei, Taiwan. [ read ]

Optical and Photonic Components

Stefano Selleri, Luca Vincetti, Annamaria Cucinotta, "Optical and Photonic Components", Esculapio. [ read ]

Welcome to GAEM

The Group of Applied ElectroMagnetics (GAEM) of the Engineering and Architecture Department of the University of Parma develops research activity in the field of fiber lasers, amplifiers and sensing applications.

GAEM has been involved in the study and the modelling of optical fiber based devices, mainly the so called photonic crystal fibers, and optical amplifiers for telecommunication and industrial applications.
GAEM has been participating in numerous research programs, either domestic or EU-funded, within ACTS, IST, COST and FP7 programs.

The group runs a clean room laboratory with facilities and equipment for fiber-based device analysis and characterization and fiber laser development, and a numerical laboratory for the development of high performance simulators of fiber propagation, amplifiers and lasers.

In the last years GAEM has been developing optical fiber based techniques for the detection of physical, medical and biological parameters, being particularly focused on biosensing applications for DNA and specific analyte identification and measurement.